Backlink Checker – Manage & Monitor Backlinks | Check Indexing Status

Friends, have you ever lost that valuable backlink you worked hard to build? Or worse, had a client come back unhappy because a link disappeared?

I’m here to share an absolute game-changer for post-link building needs – Backlink Checker.

As link builders, we put our blood, sweat and tears into outreach. But without proper monitoring, all that work can vanish without a trace. Until now.

Backlink Checker gives you total visibility and control over your link portfolio. Monitor hundreds of links on multiple domains, and get automatic alerts if anything changes. Know instantly if a link drops, or if the anchor text or rel tag are modified.

Indexing status is also crucial for ROI. Backlink Checker now integrates full Google indexing checks. See what links Google has found so far, and identify opportunities to push marginal pages live.

With bulk actions, notes, and public sharing features, teams can collaborate seamlessly. Invite clients to view link profiles without a login. Build trust through transparency every step of the way.

Lifetime access is available now for an unbeatable one-time fee. That’s right – one low cost and you’re covered for the long run. Updates and support are free for life.

Are you tired of link risks sabotaging your results? Take back control of your backlink empire with Backlink Checker. Join the link monitoring revolution today at Your links will thank you!