Bug-Monitor [BFCM2023]


Never Miss A Single Website Error Again – Introducing BugMonitor

Have you ever lost customers or stumbled upon reputation issues due to undetected website errors? As a digital business, you can’t afford downtime or poor user experience. That’s where BugMonitor comes in.

BugMonitor is a comprehensive error monitoring solution that detects layout, functionality, JavaScript, SEO and network issues on your site 24/7. It examines everything from page loading to form submissions to catch problems before your users do.

Some key features:

  • Real-time error alerts via email so you’re always in the know
  • Screenshots and video recordings of errors for easy troubleshooting
  • Monitors multiple sites from a single dashboard
  • GDPR compliant with all data stored securely on your server

Priced at just $39 for a single site lifetime license during our Black Friday sale (usually $39/year), BugMonitor is affordable protection for any online business. Don’t risk losing customers or traffic to hidden bugs. Detect issues automatically with BugMonitor!

Customer reviews highlight its ease of use and ability to identify even minor UX glitches across devices. As one developer said, “It’s transformed how I handle website maintenance.” Give your site a checkup today with BugMonitor – it could save you from costly downtime tomorrow.

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Deal URL: https://get.ltdstartupbooster.com/bugmonitor

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