Hexospark v2

Hey guys, let’s share the launch of Hexospark v2, the latest and greatest version of the all-in-one sales engagement platform. With Hexospark v2, you can now send hyper-personalized emails at scale while staying ahead of bulk email regulations.

The key highlights of Hexospark v2 include:

✅ A powerful Chrome extension to capture leads from LinkedIn to fuel your sales pipeline

✅ A built-in CRM to nurture prospects from lead to customer with tailored email sequences

✅ Automated email personalization at scale to drive higher engagement

✅ Smart follow-up based on prospect interactions to turn leads into sales

✅ A unified inbox to manage all your email conversations in one place

To celebrate the Hexospark v2 launch, we have an unbelievable lifetime deal for a limited time only. You can gain lifetime access for just a one-time payment of $69! This is the lowest price we’ve ever offered.

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Hexospark v2 also introduces extensive inbox deliverability protections like SPF, DKIM and DMARC to ensure your emails reach the inbox. This keeps your sending reputation safe and compliant with the latest email regulations.

With the power of Hexospark v2, you can now send hyper-personalized, compliant email campaigns to turn more leads into delighted customers. Don’t miss out on securing lifetime access at our flash promo price!