Are you looking for an easy way to create interactive digital maps for your website or business? Then you’ll want to check out this amazing limited-time deal on Proxi that I just came across.

Proxi is a no-code tool that allows anyone to design beautiful maps without any programming knowledge. You can add multiple locations, images, and details in just a few clicks.

What really stood out to me though was Proxi’s powerful lead generation features. With customizable popups and forms, you can capture people’s contact information directly on the maps.

Imagine how much more engagements your local listings or events could get if visitors could easily find your locations AND provide their email or name at the same time. I know I’d be more likely to learn about a place.

One business owner told me they got over 500 new subscribers in a month just by using Proxi! Imagine the potential sales from those quality contacts.

Proxi also provides in-depth analytics so you know which points on your maps are most popular. This level of insights is incredibly valuable for optimizing your maps and marketing.

Best of all, I found a lifetime deal on Proxi through my friend’s website at

For just $59 one-time, you get unlimited usage of all core features forever. That’s a real steal!

If interactive maps could boost your business, don’t miss this limited offer. Check out the deal at the link above. Your leads and customers could start skyrocketing soon! Let me know if you have any other questions.