ServerAvatar White Label

Transform Your Server Management with ServerAvatar White Label Lifetime Deal


Experience the ultimate in server management with the ServerAvatar White Label Lifetime Deal! This exceptional offer brings you a robust, white-label solution for managing servers with ease, efficiency, and complete customization. Save time, reduce costs, and enhance your business operations with ServerAvatar’s comprehensive features.

Key Features

  • White Labeling: Customize the platform with your branding to present a professional image to clients.
  • Automated Server Management: Simplify server operations with automated backups, updates, and monitoring.
  • User Management: Effortlessly manage multiple users and assign roles and permissions.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard: Get an intuitive, centralized view of all server activities and statuses.
  • Application Management: Easily deploy and manage applications across your servers.
  • Security: Advanced security features, including automated SSL certificates and firewall management.
  • Performance Optimization: Tools to optimize server performance and ensure your applications run smoothly.

Use Cases

  • Web Development Agencies: Provide clients with a branded server management solution, enhancing your service offering.
  • Freelance Developers: Manage multiple client servers from a single platform, saving time and effort.
  • IT Departments: Streamline server management tasks, allowing your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Hosting Providers: Offer a white-label server management solution to your customers, adding value to your hosting packages.


Unlike other server management tools such as Plesk and cPanel, ServerAvatar White Label offers full customization under your brand, making it a unique proposition. Its user-friendly interface and automated features set it apart from competitors, ensuring a seamless experience without the steep learning curve associated with other tools.

Security and Compliance

ServerAvatar places a strong emphasis on security and compliance. With features like automated SSL certificate installation, regular security updates, and a robust firewall, you can trust that your servers and data are well-protected. Compliance with industry standards ensures that your operations remain secure and reliable.

Call to Action

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$199 / onetime

  • Brand Customization
  • Custom logo
  • Support CNAME
  • Server Sharing
  • Required a active ServerAvatar plan

$999 / onetime

  • All Features
  • Manage Unlimited Servers
  • Unlimited Applications
  • Team Collaboration