Friends, have you ever felt overwhelmed by the thought of creating an online course from scratch? Believe me, I’ve been there – meticulously organizing resources, writing lesson plans, recording videos. It can take months of effort just to launch one course.

Well, today I’m excited to share about an incredible edtech platform that can generate complete courses for you in merely minutes – no joke! It’s called Unschooler.

Through the power of artificial intelligence, Unschooler transforms any materials – text, videos, audio – into fully interactive courses packed with lessons, quizzes, assignments and more. No more dragging late nights putting together the finishing touches.

Here’s how it works: you simply provide Unschooler with the topic or subject matter through content you supply. Its AI then gets to work analyzing, structuring and curating everything into an online course complete with multimedia components. You’ll have video tutorials, assessments and daily tasks for students – all without having to create a single element yourself!

What’s more, Unschooler publishes your instantly generated courses onto beautifully designed school pages that match your own branding. You can even use a custom domain so students visit your website.

The real magic happens in how Unschooler personalizes the learning experience. Its AI delivers continuous feedback, calculates scores and tracks each student’s progress individually. It will even respond to questions by dynamically pulling answers from the course materials. Talk about taking the guesswork out of teaching!

Here’s the best part – with my special link, you can try Unschooler’s powerful course creation platform for life at an unbeatable 75% discount. It includes everything you need to manage your online school, with licensing options to suit different needs.

So if you’re an educator looking to simplify coursebuilding or want to launch your own online courses, don’t miss this chance to supercharge your teaching with Unschooler. You’ll be amazed at what its artificial intelligence can produce.

Check out the lifelong deal here: https://get.ltdstartupbooster.com/Unschooler. It’s truly like discovering a new superpower for content creators. Wishing you success in transforming how you teach and learn online!